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screenplay Finally Complete

While you may have read my book, My Uncle Gloria: A Memoir, what many people didn’t know is that I was working with a screenwriter to write a script loosely based on my life. Well, the script is finally complete and I am in the process of looking for representation or a film company to

Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride, a documentary

My Uncle Gloria (M.U.G.) the book is a memoir chronicling my life with addiction, heartbreak, and testing the bounds of the law all set on the back drop up the emergence of my Uncle Butch, known know as my Uncle Gloria. The documentary, Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride, supplements the rebirth of my relationship with

Excerpt from “My Uncle gloria”

Buy My Uncle Gloria a Memoir here THE STRANGEST CONVERSATION I’VE EVER HAD 1999 I shouldn’t have gone back into the house. I had a lunch date with the irresistible Valerie. But as fate would have it, I just pulled the front door closed when the phone rang. I stopped my key mid-lock on the

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